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Planning on buying a car?

A comprehensive, verified service record provides evidence that the car has been regularly maintained, which indicates its overall health and potential longevity.

Negotiating Power

Knowing the detailed service history and potential future issues of a vehicle will give
you an edge in price negotiations


A vehicle with a comprehensive service history is often a sign that it has been well taken care of, suggesting it might be more reliable in the future

Reduced Future Costs

Being aware of a vehicle's past issues can help buyers anticipate and plan for potential future maintenance costs


Having transparent access to a vehicle's history can build trust between the buyer and
the seller, making the purchasing process smoother

Planning on selling a car?

Maintain a digital record of your car's verified service history for your peace of mind and retain the resale value of your car.

Resale Value

A well-documented service history can help increase the resale value of a car. Prospective buyers often pay more for vehicles with complete service records as it indicates the car has been well-maintained

Warranty Claims

Having a detailed service history can make warranty claims smoother, as it provides proof that the vehicle has been serviced according to the manufacturer's guidelines

Peace of Mind

Knowing the detailed history of their vehicle can give car owners peace of mind about
the condition and reliability of their vehicle

Negotiation Power

Proving the detailed service history of a vehicle will give the seller an edge in price


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